Yuria Celidwen

Other & Belonging Institute (OBI) of the University of California, Berkeley,

Senior Fellow

Yuria Celidwen, Ph.D., is of Indigenous Nahua and Maya descent from the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Her scholarship centers on Indigenous forms of contemplation, examining self-transcendence and its embodiment in prosocial behavior (belonging, planetary flourishing, ethics, compassion, awe, love, and sacredness).‎ She calls this work the Indigenous “Ethics of Belonging” rooted in honoring Life. For the past two decades, her work has supported the advancement of Indigenous Peoples and the rights of Nature and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations. She is conducting research on Indigenous contemplative science at the University of California, Berkeley, and designing public initiatives for bridging and belonging of historically marginalized communities, human and other-than-human at the Othering & Belonging Institute.