Beatrice L'Hombres

Dr. Beatrice d’Hombres

Researcher & Policy Analyst

Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Béatrice works at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. She coordinates at the JRC the European Parliament Pilot Project on Loneliness. The pilot project aims to gather additional evidence to support evidence-based decision making through the collection of pan European data on loneliness, the review of existing evidence and identification of knowledge gaps, a mapping of loneliness intervention and the establishment of a web platform to monitor loneliness over time and across Europe. Béatrice is one of the authors of the recent report “Loneliness in the EU: Insights from surveys and online media data”. Her research has been published in international journals, including the European Economic Review, the Eastern Economic Journal, Health Economics, the BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy or Social Indicators Research.

More information on the Loneliness Project can be found here.