Camila Cavero

Social Connection Fellow

Camila is a new Social Connection Fellow for the Foundation for Social Connection and the Coalition to End Social Isolation and Loneliness. In this position, Camila is excited to expand her knowledge and interest in research and health policy. Camila is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland in College Park where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health Science. Through her coursework, she has found a great interest in studying barriers to health equity and health policy. During her studies, she conducted lots of research involving inequities in health and health policy mostly pertaining to minority groups. In college, she was able to explore this interest in minority health and inequities by traveling to Peru to provide basic health care to a community in need. Having developed a passion for research and health equity, she is excited to utilize her skills to further explore her interests in this position.

What drives you to work on addressing social isolation & loneliness / fostering social connection ?

What drives me to work on addressing social isolation and fostering social connection is the hope of living in a society where everyone feels like they belong. Forming strong social connections make people happier and even physically healthier.