Adrian Pabst

National Institution of Economic and Social Research

Deputy Director

Adrian Pabst is Professor of Politics at the University of Kent and Deputy Director of the National Institution of Economic and Social Research. He studied economics at the University of Cambridge and political theory at the London School of Economics and Sciences Po Paris before returning to Cambridge for his PhD in philosophy of religion and political thought. He has taught at the University of Nottingham, held visiting posts in France and was the Sir Peter Lawler Fellow at ACU Sydney in 2018-19, during which time he wrote a book on the Australian Labor Party entitled Story of Our Country: Labor’s vision for Australia (2019).

 Adrian’s main research interests are in political thought and political economy with a focus on democracy and constructive alternatives to liberalism. He is the author of several books, most recently The Politics of Virtue: Post-liberalism and the Human Future (2016, with John Milbank), Liberal World Order and Its Critics: Civilisational States and Cultural Commonwealths (2018), The Demons of Liberal Democracy (2019) and Postliberal Politics (2021). Together with Jon Cruddas MP, he is currently working on a book about rights and freedoms in the face of new threats to human dignity.

 A New Statesman Contributing Writer, Adrian regularly publishes op-eds and essays in The International New York Times, The Critic and Le Figaro. He also chairs the Board of Trustees of the Common Good Foundation, which supports community organising in England, Poland and Ukraine.